Helping Individuals Achieve Full Potential

Building Blocks for the Future

Programs: Literacy and Life provides a series of programs for parents and caregivers focused on the preschool age. The programs below emphasize the importance of proactive strategies in early childhood for parents and their children, to help prepare children to start school ready to learn and thrive.

1. Nutrition & Learning: A Health Literacy Program

Research shows proper nutrition is critical in helping children concentrate and perform better as they learn. This program will teach healthy eating for immediate and long-term health.  Topics include:

2. Optimizing The Early Stages:  A Child Development Literacy Program

Using child development expertise, this program will increase understanding about conditions that nurture, protect and ensure the well-being and school-readiness of young children. Topics will include:

3. Setting the Stage to Achieve Life Goals:  A Financial Literacy Program

This program equips parents and caregivers to take control of their personal finances and break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Topics Inlcude:


Success Outcomes: Literacy and Life will have impartial evaluations for effectiveness of the programs. With successful results and feedback, the programs will be adjusted as needed and expanded to parents and caregivers through early childhood institutions.