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Parenting and Life Skills Program - Jamaica

Literacy and Life, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) social benefit enterprise invites your support in piloting an innovative Parenting and Life Skills Program (PAL Skills) that aims to enrich parenting and life skills for parents and caregivers of young children in the high violence inner city areas of Kingston, Jamaica. With your help, we can reverse the negative outcomes for the children of these communities, where parents and caregivers simply lack the basic skills needed to support and contribute to their children’s success in life.  

Literacy and Life has partnered with three Kingston-based organizations:

Together we developed a 9-month pilot project for the parents and caregivers of the 3-year old classes of Kiddies Paradise and St Peter Claver Basic Schools.  Intervening with parents/caregivers at the earliest stage of their child’s formal learning has proven to be the most effective for achieving positive outcomes.

Our interactive workshops are tailored to the assessed needs of parents/caregivers and will be supported by home visits for individual learning. Parents and caregivers will build their capacity and confidence to:


Success and Sustainability: An impartial program evaluator will evaluate the effectiveness of the program pilot. The program will be adjusted as needed and expanded to other schools.